A Little Bit of Us, My Writing, and Life as it is

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Hi, I'm Jan S.  I am artistic, creative, fun, loving, altruistic, compassionate, good listener, nerdy, reader, writer, scrapbooker, and most important of all a mom.  I blog because I love to write and share my crafts and family moments.  As an aspiring writer, I have been lucky enough to begin writing for All Women Stalk, an online magazine for women, and I love it.  You can go directly to my articles here.   You may also find posts here about being a mom to a 9-year-old at 49, what it feels like to lose a job at my age, which I did 9 months ago, and other things women deal with at my age.  In addition to everything else, I love music, movies, and talking about my silly boy.  I'm hooked on Pinterest, enjoy my friends on Facebook, and actually go on a date every now and then. 

Hope you enjoy reading my blog!