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If you'd like, use the quotes I post here as a writing prompt.  Comment under my post using the prompt and let me know your web site if you'd like to share your writings.


Quote Prompt for 8/7/2013

If you have a sister, like I do, I'm sure you remember something that fits this quote.  Share with us!




Quote Prompt for 8/6/2013

Finally, the perfect explanation for why I'm a night person.  Are you a night owl?  Do you prefer the mornings/daytime more?  Share with me.




Quote Prompt for 8/5/2013

I think I have found myself in a quote!  Join in on the writing prompts, won't you?

Quote Prompt for 8/3/2013

Missed a couple of days with things so busy, but here's our next quote prompt if you'd like to add to your journal.  Maybe it's not the sea for you, but where is the place you go to find yourself again?  Where is it you can find peace, quiet, and calm?



Quote Prompt for 7/30/2013

Friendship is a single soul dwelling in two bodies


Who is your friend with whom you are almost the same person?  Do you finish each others sentences?  Do you buy the same things without knowing the other is doing so?  Do you have so much in common that it amazes you both?  Tell me about your friend.

Quote Prompt for 7/29/2013

I know this isn't a quote, but it certainly made me remember "that awkward moment".  Tell me about the time you started laughing at the wrong time!


Quote Prompt for 7/27/2013

This may be a tough one, but give me the top 5 books that moved you, or that you would read over and over, and that you just have to keep in your library.

Quote Prompt for 7/26/2013

Tell me about your grandmother.

Quote Prompt for -7/25/2013

List your top 20 favorite songs from the songs on your playlist right now.  I listen to music mainly on my iPhone so I'll choose from there.   I know this will be tough, but give it a try!



Quote Prompt for 7/24/2013

Don't you just love Audrey Hepburn?  While not a famous quote, it's a great movie quote to use as a writing or journaling prompt.  if this quote doesn't really apply to you, no worries!  I'll post another tomorrow!